7 Things about Mobile App Development You need to know in order to grow

Remember when Flipkart went app only, there was a solid reason behind it and that was growing customer base of smart phones. These days customers are carrying your brand in their pocket, you are just a click away. Though we can’t think of going app only yet, but if need to grow and address a large pool of consumers, we need to have an app for our business. Today, in this blog we are going to explore all the ifs and buts related to app development.

“Native” Apps are lifeline:                                                                                            

Many developers provide you app which are nothing but launchers for mobile sites. Which is of no use, as browser of your mobile phone will work more than that. Instead invest in a native app. Native apps are the ones in which most of the functions work even in offline mode. Like in Facebook, you can see recent posts even on offline mode. But you need internet for new posts or in case you want to compose your own posts.                                                                                                   

This type of apps work very well among people and experts strictly advise for native apps.


Importance of UX over UI:                                

UI stands for user interface whereas UX stands for User experience. There is no doubt that a good user interface entices user to use the app, but many other components are considered important while considering user experience. Because UI is just the front end part, the part with which user interacts, but there are other activities going on in backend. So the goal of a developer should be to provide good user experience rather than just UI.


Advertise in constraints:

Advertising is not a bad exercise in development field, well who does not love extra money. But too much of advertisements can push the user away and create disaster for you. So never haggle a person when he is doing something important.


Develop the app for both operating systems: iOS and Android

Neither everyone has an iPhone nor does everyone have an Android. This is very tough to analyze statistically for which Operating system will have more users. So it is wise to create app for both iOS and Android. It will increase the love of users for your app and of course grow your customer base.



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