Effortless ways to find new ideas for your blog

Engaging your audience with new content every day is not as easy as it seems to some people. Sometimes, we run out of ideas but that does not mean we are no more creative. Hence there is nothing bad about seeking ideas for your blog.

The world is full of idea and in this article, we are going to tell you some simple yet amazing tips for generating new content. Here we go:


  1. Ask your followers/audience about what they want to see next in your blog.

It is a great idea to leave it up to your audience what they want next in your blog. A number of bloggers heavily depend on this idea when they run out of ideas. Your audience thinks of you as a knowledgeable person. It is very common that there are a number of people who have some questions and are unable to find a satisfying answer.

So, this tip has benefits other than generating good content. First is that you if you are good at those things that your audience has questions about, then you can establish yourself in that field for a longer time by creating a lot more content in that field only. Secondly, it is possible that others might get to know about your blog by searching the topic on the internet and thus generating a wider audience.


  1. Take inspiration from other bloggers in your niche.

No, we are not telling you to copy the exact content or idea for your blog. If you are picking a topic from some other blog, it is always a good idea to add your own opinions to it. You need not necessarily write the blog in the same flow as the others. Give your own thoughts and examples. Even doing a small research about it would not hurt.


  1. Reaching out to comments on Popular Blogs.

Popular blogs in your industry probably get hundreds to thousands of comments on their posts. Sometimes, it is not possible for them to reply to all of them. This is a golden opportunity to make your mark. You just have to reply to those comments in a detailed and helpful way which will reflect that you have knowledge about that field or topic. This will lead people to your blog. This strategy never fails to help.


  1. Look for Quora questions.

Quora is a great platform for ‘Questions and Answers’ People share their stories, thoughts, and views about all the domains over there.

Quora can be a great source for ideas in the times when you are stuck.

All you have to do is search your topic in the search bar and the related posts will appear. You can choose the relatable question and thus write a blog on it.


  1. Use Bottlenose.

Bottlenose analyzes popular social activities and provides live social intelligence. It identifies all the trending topics and helps you with new ideas.


  1. Indulging with your audience.

It is always good to know about your audience's taste. Do a quick research about their tastes. Or you can directly drop questions asking about their likes and dislikes or their hobbies. Make the most of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handle. Indulge in a personal talk with your audience. You can always rely on this strategy.


  1. Explore YOUTUBE videos.

Videos can be of great help. Youtube is a huge hub of useful content. Suppose if you write blogs related to technology, you can find numerous videos on youtube that echoes your niche. You can merge the content of multiple videos and convert it into a blog post.


  1. Try creating a series.

Creating series in blogging is a very smart yet effective way. When you make series on a particular topic, you do not need to think again and again for new ideas.

For example, suppose that you are a fashion blogger. Now you plan to create a series based on the flea markets of a particular city. So, you can write at least around 5-6 blogs. For this purpose you may collect information from the internet, you can ask people if they have visited those markets and their experiences. Or you can go by yourself and see the market from your own perspective and give your personal touch to the blog.




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