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How to Choose the Right PPC Company for Your Business?

PPC is a great way to generate leads and boost instant traffic to your website, but it requires a good amount of expertise to run a successful PPC campaign. Many brands will try a paid search marketing campaign on their own, only to blow their entire budget without seeing any positive outcomes. After a terrible experience, many businesses will then lookout for the best PPC service provider to take care of their accounts. Every company claims to be the best PPC agency in the industry with an amazing team of highly certified PPC professionals along with the relevant experience to deliver results.

Selecting the best PPC agency is probably going to be the most important decision you are ever going to make. While you’re scrutinizing agencies to handle your PPC campaign, here are the few tips to keep in mind in order to get the maximum out of your budget.


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Check the Company Portfolio

Before hiring anyone to manage your PPC campaign, ensure they can deliver what you’re expecting from them. View their company profile and see what they’ve done for other companies. Do they have any experience in the industry you operate in? Ask them about their retention rate and how they've help the business achieve their goals. You can also ask them for references, testimonials, and numbers to call so that you can find out about the agency and its relative performance to their campaign.

Is the Agency Google Ads Certified?

This is probably the first thing you’d want to check before recruiting any PPC agency as your digital partner. Google has a certification program where people learn how to run effective ads campaigns. There are numerous companies claiming to offer PPC services, are not even affiliated or certified with Google. They simply take your account and outsourced it to another agency, which is certified. So, always check their certification credentials, even the employees who run your campaign should be certified.


As a client, you deserve the complete right to unaltered transparency with any agency or company you work with.  This is absolutely necessary for gaining trust and more importantly in building a campaign that works. You would want to retain full administrative rights to your Ads account that enables you to check changes made by your PPC service provider at any point of time. Ensure that there is transparency with the PPC agency from day one on the business front.

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