Reputation Management for Individuals – 20 Essential Tips For 2018

Online Reputation Management in simple terms is protecting and repairing your image online through different possible strategies like hiding and replacing negative and defamatory content on the Internet.

Why is someone saying negative things about your business is the main concern which you need to look on? It’s devastating for a business if it’s rated negatively and improper or incorrect comments are added as feedback. These negative remarks or comments are right there for anyone to see and could be very upsetting.

Internet plays a vital role in Reputation management for businesses to job seekers. If you plan to succeed, then you must have a good reputation online as poor comments can badly tarnish your image.

Your next dream job could be at a risk as your employer might search for your name online and find something wrongly said or expressed about you. Reputation management in this challenging world is a must. Think about your Reputation management and check out our essential tips for individuals to be taken into consideration..





  • Try to Google Yourself

Have you googled your name or your business ever?

What did you find…?

If someone has written something negative about you and it shows up in search results of Google, then it could be devastating for your image and you definitely need personal reputation management as the mindset of someone who plans to contact or hire you will go negative after reading the comments written about you.


  • Think of a Makeover

If you are in the search results, then the next step is to worry about how to rectify your image and to remove or reduce the impact of negative comments. Try making a list of positive traits which you plan to showcase in search results. Try defining your brand or your image which you want to showcase.


  • Magic of Social Media

Social media can do wonders to your reputation management. Open up accounts in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and start portraying a positive image about yourself, your brand. Come up with a bio which is liked by Users and looks real. Try cleaning up your old social media profiles.


  • Book a Domain with your Name

Book the domain with your name so that no one else can do that and try to develop a small portfolio website or a blog so that it’s not used as a tool to negatively impact your reputation.


  • Start writing a Blog

Blogging can do wonder to your online reputation management. Think of a good smart name which can help you in enhancing your online reputation. Then come up with articles, blog posts on regular basis to involve the user more in your subject. And start posting guest posts on other blog websites once you have the audience.


  • Schedule your posts

Smartly schedule your post and article timings. Work out your target audience, platforms and methods of posting and then design out a Content posting schedule. You must also research out the ideal frequency required for each of the channels as per SEO guidelines so that positive and useful information is supplied on scheduled time.


  • Always moderate comments

Start responding to comments on social media sites as well as blogs in a positive manner. Negative comments must be dealt with care and if possible try using services of a specialist.


  • Don’t argue online

Resist on arguing online with any of your customers, possible customers, friends or anyone who is there to attack you with some unwanted material or words. Ever react to comments in an emotional or aggressive manner.


  • Remove old irrelevant Media

List out the social media and other websites which have irrelevant and negative content or media about your profile. Request the website admins to remove them. Track down on ways to remove or reduce negative media.


  • Remove mindless Likes

Take out time, sit back and review all your social profiles and track down groups, posts, pages which you might have liked and are irrelevant or in bad taste for your business and profile. Immediately remove them to enhance your profile.


  • Enhance privacy settings

If you are a busy bee and don’t have time to review every like, comment, post personally then it’s advised to increase privacy setting so that no one who isn’t on your friends list can find you.


  • Check and Re-check your posts

Read and research carefully what you post. Your post content should not be outdated or fake at any level. Incorrect posts can tarnish your image and can in turn damage your reputation.


  • Separate personal and professional profiles

Always have two separate profiles. If you don’t have one by now then you must do it. A good professional profile is the best key to success for your career.


  • Continue education yourself

Keep enhancing your knowledge. Go and take courses, attend seminars and keep educating yourself. Share your thoughts online, write articles and let Google rank and recognize you.


  • Go for Positive publicity

Worried about negative content about you online?

Go and hire an ORM specialist so that he can best guide you whether you need positive publicity online and if yes, then how much publicity is exactly required.


  • Set up Google Alert

Setting up a google alert can help you track down notifications whenever something about you appears online. Business owners must monitor the name of their company and its products as well for online reputation management.


  • Address Criticism positively

Every one faces criticism in one or the other. Try to share a positive response to a negative comment or post so that it looks better. Handling of criticism must be done with a professional’s help and in a very systematic manner.


  • Try to be Transparent

It’s better to be transparent. Accept if you have committed a mistake or have wrongly fully posted a comment. Being transparent helps more than not being one.


  • Patience pays

Don’t be in a hurry for your online reputation to improve drastically in a few days. Google takes its time to refresh results. One or two days of posting positive articles won’t help. The process of posting content must be done for a longer period so that google does get time to refresh its results.


  • Speak with an ORM Specialist

Online reputation management is not an easy task. And hiring an ORM expert does help as he or she will set realistic goals and targets and will work out things on different channels as per a schedule. And the ORM expert will also protect you from Future issues.


So stay awake and improve your online reputation using the above tips and better keep your reputation management in check before posting anything.


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