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Essential SEO Tools for Businesses


SEO is a pre-requisite for any brand or business to thrive in the competitive world. For any digital business, SEO is critical. Even if customers are looking for physical stores, they first search online to find out which shops are best to visit.

It is not very simple to drive traffic towards your website if the competition is stiff. Brands need to target their online audience using the appropriate keywords. Also, they need to evaluate their competition and consistently track their rankings as well.

You can accurately target your online audience with the help of many essential SEO tools. But the problem encountered by many SEO service providers in which tools are best to get the desired outcomes.

Here Are Some of the Top SEO Tools that Every Company Should be Incorporating.


Google Analytics Displays Vital Data



To make an online marketing campaign successful, it needs tracking. Google Analytics is a great web analytics tool by Google that enables users to track website traffic and its performance. Apart from gathering data about traffic from Google, this tool can also collect data traffic from other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

The Google Analytics tool is absolutely free. The reason this tool is preferred by most people on the globe is that it is not just confined to measuring sales and conversions. It can also give you insights about how visitors use your website and, how they reach your site.

In other words, it is an amazing tool to measure, analyze and optimize client’s sites.

Google Search Console Provides Information on Site Performance



Google Search Console, earlier known as Google Webmasters is a free web service by Google which allows website owners, Web Developers, SEO professionals or website administrators to inspect indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. If anything goes wrong with your website, this tool provides warning and alerts in advance.

With this tool, users can know where their website ranks for a particular keyword and the number of clicks per keyword. It also lets you know the number of users who saw your website link and clicked on it to visit your website.

Moz Local – Handles New Data and Duplicate Data



Moz Local is specifically beneficial to audit citations speedily. This tool enables users to identify the consistency of their information across several directories. It has a listing alert feature that lets the user know if their listing has been edited or any incorrect information is reflected relating to their business.

Moz Local also informs users about duplicate listings and the cause of dropping website ranking on the SERP.

Ahrefs – Backlinks and Search Results



Backlinks are an essential element to drive traffic to your website. If you desire to acquire high-quality backlinks to your website, then Ahrefs is the appropriate choice for you. This platform offers a complete package of backlink tools.

To begin with, the first step is to identify where your website stands. Checks the backlinks you have acquired to date and are they from credible websites or not.

Ahrefs is a great tool that can detect unwanted backlinks so that they can be easily removed. It can also let you know about the competitor’s backlinks and the source from where they’re getting their backlinks.


Ubersuggest for Extensive Research



If you’re looking for quality SEO tools for your website, then look no further. Ubbersuggest is a good option you should be exploring. This is a comprehensive tool that enables you to perform extensive research and achieve desired results.

Ubbersuggest is quite a useful tool for keyword research that uses the incredible search feature by Google to produce good keyword ideas.

All the above-mentioned SEO tools are armed with essential SEO functions. Users need to analyze the SEO requirements of the website and decide on the right tool. CorpZone Services is a leading SEO service provider in Noida. We have expertise in providing result-driven and affordable SEO services to our esteemed clients.

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