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Google Local Search Algorithm Update Nov - 2019


Early in November, there was plenty of news in the market of the newest Local Search update by Google Local Search Algorithm Update Nov - 2019

Google talks about “making use of neural matching as part of the process for generating local search results.”

Google has finally confirmed this. It has now begun using neural matching for local search results and subsequent local ranking changes. The new update by Google is fully rolled out and is called “Nov 2019 Local Search Update”



Now Let’s understand what is Neural Matching


Neural Matching is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system which Google started implementing in 2018 to get a basic understanding of how words are related to concepts. It helps Google to better understand when users’ queries have local search intent even when the business name or description are not included.

As far as businesses are concerned, no need to get worry. They are not required to make any changes as a result of this update. They can just refer to the basic local ranking help document published by Google long back if they want.

New Update Released Worldwide


This is a global update. Google has updated a post saying “This was a global launch covering countries and languages worldwide”. So, which means this update is not just for the US region but for all the countries and languages that Google is available in.

The idea behind using neural matching by Google was to better understand queries. As per Danny Sullivan of Google, neural matching is referred to as a super synonym system.

It is now evident that due to the roll-out of neural matching, Google will be able to better understand local search queries and you will be able to see different search results. In the previous year, neural matching was impacting 30% of queries and now this roll-out will surely increase this further.

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