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Important On-Page SEO Techniques To Improve Google Ranking


The ultimate goal of every brand or business is website visibility and higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages. To achieve this objective, SEO techniques are categorized into On-page and Off-page. On-page SEO, also known as On-site SEO is a crucial technique for optimizing your website so that they rank higher on Google. They are a combination of techniques responsible for a site's position on Google. Let's have a look at the most important On-page SEO techniques and boost your SEO.


Important On-Page SEO Technique


1. Publish Engaging Content

This is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Always remember a great content can do wonders for the website. Just ensure that the content you publish should be original, of high-quality, engaging and informative. It should not be duplicated and spun and should add some value to the user.

2. Meta Title & Meta Description

Ensure that the meta tags – Meta Title and Description are optimized properly. Whenever search engines read your webpages, they check your meta tags also. Meta Title and Meta Description should contain focused keywords and should not exceed the character limit of 65 and 155 respectively.

3. Keywords

The entire SEO is dependent on Keywords. What users put in the search box or query box is nothing but keywords. As per Google guidelines, it is essential to include the keywords in your meta title, meta description, the first paragraph of the blog and in the header Tags. Do not overstuff your blog or articles with keywords. Maintain keyword density otherwise your blog will look spammy and annoy Google.

4. Page Loading Speed

Page Speed is another essential on-page SEO factor that affects website ranking. According to the Google algorithm, site speed is one of the signals used to rank pages. Good page loading speed enhances customer engagement and conversion. To improve site speed, ensure to upload reduced sized images and videos.

5. SSL Certificate

Your website should be SSL secured. This meaning obtaining “https” on your URL. Most of the websites that rank on Google's first page are all SSL secured. Even Google prefers authenticity and authority so get SSL to improve your chances of higher rankings.

6. Permalinks

As far as possible, try to keep URLs short and free of irrelevant characters. You are only allowed to use a dash if required. Google read your URLs while crawling so optimized your URLs and enhance your chances of higher rankings.

7. Use Images and Videos

Use of Images and videos helps to improve user engagement on the website and subsequently helps in rankings. Whenever you’re uploading an image or video, just ensure they are not too heavy, otherwise, the page speed will slow down.

8. Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are the leading source of traffic. More than 60% of the searches in Google are now coming from mobile devices. This means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re losing potential traffic. Also, this is yet another important on-page SEO technique that enhances engagement.

9. Internal & External Links

Whenever you’re writing a post, try to get 3 to 4 links to external websites especially ones with high domain authority. These outbound links that you’ll get will fetch your site more authority.

Internal linking, on the other hand, is where you add links to other pages on your site. Both internal and external links are very important from an SEO point of view.

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