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10 Essential SEO Strategies For E-Commerce Websites

SEO for E-Commerce sites may be different but it can’t be difficult. There are some unique parameters for the SEO of E-Commerce websites and in order to achieve the best yield you have to stick to the best practices that exist in your domain. You can imply many strategies but in the end, it’s only the implementation that matters. CorpZone Services which is an imminent organization in the field of Digital Marketing has a team of SEO experts that have achieved great milestones in this field. They provide the best SEO Services in the digital market. Here are some of the strategies which guarantee the best results for E-Commerce websites by the experts of the best SEO Services provider – CorpZone Services Pvt. Ltd:

seo strategy for ecommerce websites

Making Non-Identical Product Descriptions

There are two options available to you. Either you can use the description provided by the manufacturer or create a separate description for each product. The description provided by the manufacturer is used by almost everyone competing in the market which has an average outcome. Whereas, creating a description for each product will be time-consuming with a lot of research but it will be worth the extraordinary results.

Encouragement and Reviews

To maintain a level of transparency about the product and the company in the digital market, you have to tag the product or the commodity with keywords or often known as Search terms. Keywords will bring transparency to the SEO services which will strengthen your bonds with the clients. This will bring a level of results that can only be achieved by these strategies. Another thing is the navigation of the website should be more ergonomically which will tempt customers to browse and purchase the products in a hassle freeway.

Image Size

Larger or heavy images on a website have not been proven to be beneficial as these increase the page size. Enlarged image slows the navigation of the website to a great extent which is enough to disrupt your SEO strategies. It is recommended to have quality images but in a way that the navigation of the website remains unaffected.

Merging Social Media Networks

When a user is satisfied with the product, it is natural that they will recommend the same to their known ones which, indirectly will increase your popularity that is the motto of SEO. For this to happen, make sure that you have integrated all the social media handles on your website which redirects the users to their page from where they can share the information with others. Integrating social media networks also considered as a strategy by the search engines which is used in authentication.

Mobile Optimization of the Website

In this era of digitalization, everyone has a device in their hand known as Smartphone i.e. sort of a mini-computer. It is mandatory for your website that it should be accessible on the smartphone as well. This will make the website user-friendly as well as meet the level of mobile optimization for the best results. In addition to this, try to store your old webpages that are no longer functional as these pages make you legitimate in the eyes of Search engines and customers as well.

Portfolio of the Products

No matter how efficiently you have described a product on your website but, if it doesn’t have an image or a video on the website; it will not be considered trustworthy or reliable by the customers. Make sure to upload an image for each of your product but it should not be too heavy to hamper the website’s navigation.

Link Building

The more the merrier, this phrase is the best explanation in the context of link building. Google prefers websites that have a number of internal links. Every customer wants to reach the desired page in a few clicks which makes the process fast and hassle-free. Make sure to link every page on your website in order to make all the pages accessible within a few clicks.

Build Appropriate URLs

For an E-commerce website, it is recommended to have a unique, keyword-optimized URL instead of those long numbered URLs. Those numbered URLs are not worth a penny. You should try to obtain a URL that ends with the product name which will enable your page to attract a large number of search results.


With great power, comes great responsibility. Looks like Peter’s uncle had said it right. In this cyber world, the more popular you are; the more threat you have from hackers. To avoid them, make sure that your website is secured with HTTPS encryption i.e. the secure mode. You are also responsible for the security of your customers hence, ensure that the security of your website remains intact.

I hope you have read all the strategies and are ready to take the world by storm, by implementing these strategies to your SEO. For more details or help in any of the services, feel free to get in touch with the CorpZone Services. We are a militia of Digital Marketing experts that deliver the best SEO Services in the market at competitive prices.

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