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Watch Your Performance with SEO KPIs

In this era of digital marketing, Google is the main organizer of the webpages according to their digital marketing techniques or strategies. While Google is busy arranging pages according to their ranks, we are the ones finding it difficult to manage our performance or most importantly measuring our performances. In order to measure our performances, we need KPIs that are basically key Performance Indicators that show helps you measure your strategies' performances.

seo key performance indicators

Here are some of the KPIs that are used for tracking the performance or ranking of your website:

  • Google Backlinks: In order to see an approximate, although likely outdated count of your external links, login to your Google Webmaster Central account.

  • Conversion Rate Per Keyword: It's extremely important to know which keywords outperform others. As a search marketer, your time is very limited. Therefore, you must focus on the terms which return a decent ROI.

  • Pages Indexed: The number of pages your site indexed has indexed by Google and Yahoo can give you a rough metric of your site's crawl-ability. If you find that the number of actual pages you have is much greater than the number of indexed pages, you may have issues with navigation or duplicate content.

  • Organic Visits Per Page: Every page on your site should target a few keywords and draw in traffic for those terms. In other words, what percent of your total unique pages are doing a good job of bringing traffic? If you have 1000 pages, and only 200 unique keyword visits, you've got some issues that need to be addressed.

  • SERP Rankings for High Volume Keywords: Because web users are becoming more sophisticated and less predictable in their searching habits, I would caution about worrying too much about high volume keywords.

  • Unique keywords: By tracking the number of unique keywords your site is found for, you'll see a global, bird’s eye view of how well your site is doing with the long tails. Sure, you want to be found for the important, high volume terms as well, but a healthy site will rank organically for a great diversity of keywords.

There are many other on-site SEO metrics, such as keyword density, that might be helpful if you are targeting Yahoo or MSN. However, with the dominance of Google and the relative emphasis they place on on-page factors, I rarely consider these. Most firms today have their own websites and there are websites today that have established their business online. This is a new method of gaining money without having to build your office or your own building. All you need is the power of the internet to connect to your purchasers and to possible clients. If you have a website and this is your business, you need the power of SEO or search engine optimization. Search engines should be able to find your site so that the consumers will also get to your site.

Hence, you will need to routinely check on various tasks in SEO including search engine indexation. You should rank your website so that your executive team will see just how well your online business is doing. You can quicken the improvement level of your online firm through the use of helpful SEO indicators. To come up with these, you need to successfully find key performance indicators.

The problem that most companies today are facing is that they are only staring at the tip of the iceberg. They are oblivious to the fact that there is something even bigger of both size and importance beneath it all. Right now, the online business is as tough as the physical world so you are required to bring forth more sophisticated tools in order for you to compete with your business rivals. With such tools and methods, you can diagnose and understand the opportunities to take the proper action later on. When it comes to the task to find key performance indicators, you will need to think and act like the way the savvy merchants have done in the past and at present. The search KPIs start with natural searching. There are many resources where you can get help when you wish to find key performance indicators that are appropriate for your online business.

According to researches, every search that is being done by consumers about a brand name, almost 40% of them occur for brand-neutral and generic keywords. Hence, if there are 100,000 search results for your brand, there are about 4,000,000 more that are not fully connected to your brand name. The popularity of the brand is relative. Therefore, a more objective method to approach this is to think about the size of the website. If you have a website with 20,000 pages, you can think about the long tail potential which will be measured as 2 million searches that are unbranded. In relation to the number of pages, you will think about the search traffic that those pages yield. The ratio will dictate the length of the unbranded keywords and the remaining will represent the potential.

With the SEO indicators mentioned above, you will be able to understand the opportunity caused that your website missed and be able to monitor your business' progress throughout the SEO project engagement. You can also use the traditional KPIs that have been used for many years now by experts including the visitor per keyword result, the ratio between the index and crawl and the search engine yield.

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