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What are the SEO Benefits for HTTPS Sites?

Are you aware HTTPS helps to improve your website ranking?

Do you know Google gives preference to websites with HTTPS for SEO rankings?

Website security has become the top-notch priority for all website owners in the digital world these days.  And so, website owners are shifting their base from HTTP to HTTPS sites. HTTPS sites are shown as secure on the address bar, while HTTP as not secure. Moreover, search engine giant like Google has stated on its official blog that HTTPS is mandatory for all chrome users and switching over will give your website a little ranking boost.

SEO Benefits for HTTPS Sites


Here are some of the SEO benefits for HTTPS sites and how it will be helpful for business owners.


This is the most crucial and vital benefit of HTTPS. Every secure site will get the advantage of an increase in rankings as per Google’s guidelines. Google is very particular about the security of its users and that is why he has made its implementation compulsory for website owners. Although, this factor will affect the ranking to a minor extent.

Improved Page Loading Speed

Server providers are now configuring their servers for HTTPS to improve website performance. This, in turn, will improve page loading time.

Helps in Conversions

HTTPS sites are more favorable when it comes to doing monetary transactions. This is the first and foremost concern of every online user. Will my transaction be secured? The answer is simple: YES. HTTPS offers you that security to handle transactions smoothly.

Miscellaneous Data

If your site is HTTPS secured and when you use the https server log, it can help you with a lot of insights. It can tell you details like where the user is coming from and provide you access to crucial measurement data.

Consumer Trust

Every web user wants security and privacy while performing an online transaction and that is what https gives you. When you’re satisfied that your transactions are carried out smoothly without any threat or breach of security then it develops a sense of confidence. In short, a consumer trusts a website which is completely secured. 

I hope, the above blog gave you clarity on how SEO benefits for https websites. If you’re a website owner and your website is still not secured, you can look for the best SEO agency that can get your website secured. CorpZone Services is one of the finest, affordable and reliable SEO agency in Noida offering innovative SEO and digital marketing solutions to its esteemed clients.

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