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What is E-Commerce SEO and How Does Promotes Business


A Brief about Ecommerce SEO

Being at the top is the need in today’s world of the internet. Products that are digitally at the top are given priority and have much higher traffic over other sites. Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO. This Digital Marketing Technique is the key that takes you to the top digitally. Ever searched something on Google? Well, you would have surely done it! And now what are the chances of clicking on the first non-advertised link? It’s more than 95%. Isn’t the number huge? Talking about SEO in Ecommerce, SEO is a boon to E-Commerce which tremendously hikes your customer and outreach with the increase in Website traffic. This technique is done by the best SEO Services that can Rank up your website.

On the other hand, Ecommerce is simply running a business electronically. Ecommerce is mostly done on the internet and thus it is referred to as internet commerce. Doing Ecommerce SEO is always in demand because it guarantee’s you a 100% ROI and much more business than usual. Below are some more details about Ecommerce SEO by the best SEO Services:

ecommerce seo services


Who Looks For The Best Ecommerce SEO Services?

  • The SEO manager for a bigger ecommerce company looking to demonstrate the ROI of SEO.
  • A smaller online business owner trying to find scrappy ways to grow your business.
  • A Market Website looking for an increase in traffic on your website

What Are The Various Ways Which Are Used For Effective Ecommerce SEO?

  • The Ecommerce store needs to be built upon HTTPS. It improves SEO, enhances security and is also trusted by Google.
  • The website should be lightning fast. Page load time is directly proportional to the bounce rate.
  • Mobiles should be the main focus. Optimizing your site for a mobile site will be much more beneficial than a computer site.
  • Every business has a peak season. Bringing your website to top at this time will increase your website visits exponentially. Building high-quality backlinks before this time can help in keyword ranking.
  • More compelling Meta Descriptions and Meta Titles are the best way to add new people to your website.
  • Adding Alt Tags to all your images also improves your Ecommerce SEO.
  • If your website is having a –product that is stocked out, instead of the “No Page found” window, redirect the page to a fresher and newer product.
  • The website should be well categorized. For example Men and Women category.
  • The URL should be well structured in a Google-friendly and user-friendly way. A small demonstration is given below.
    • Head Category Page:
    • Subpage Category:
    • Product Page:
  • Displaying Category Level Navigation is always the best way to display on an Ecommerce website.
  • For faster load time, compress your images. Ranking depends upon page speed in one of the other ways.
  • Marketplace SEO should not be neglected.
  • Including keyword and keeping your title bag between 60-70 characters can help.
  • Including social integrations and social promotions by sharing can help in getting a lot of organic traffic.
  • Adding live chats to your website can hike your conversations by almost 50%
  • Use internal links to get more products of the same category of the products. This can be more relevant.
  • Using “Click Here” has become old school now. Use anchor text and hyperlink the text instead. This will also increase rank over specific terms.
  • Optimize your content for real people now. Ecommerce SEO is all about Optimizing content that should be easily accessible and understandable by all. Doing SEO for search engines is a bit outdated.
  • Optimizing “call-to-action” for specific holidays, promotions, and sales frequently for better results.
  • Creating an “About us” and a “Blog” section on your website. This will help you post content on your website and help in Google Ranking.
  • Use the exact product name in your Meta title. This will show the user exactly what they are searching for.
  • Usage of long-tail keyword for your Ecommerce SEO has the strength to gather 20,000 more organic searches per month to your website.
  • Having a direct buy option in your product can help. It saves the customer’s time and makes users visit the website again.
  • Structuring category pages with a specific keyword is also an essential part of the Ecommerce SEO technique. If someone searched “Pink Colour Shoes” on an Ecommerce website, showing all shoes on the results won’t help.
  • Clean, short, and keyword dense URL’s inside the website are appreciated by Google and have the capability to improve the website’s ranking.
  • Short keywords tend to rank higher in Google SERP as compared to other URL’s
  • Using the term “Buy Online” can give the viewer a clear view on how can he directly get the products with some clicks.
  • Use header tags on your product page. They are extremely simple to add and remove your HTML structure. Using specific header tags easily distinguishes the product, its price, and its feature. It organizes your content and highlights the points that need to be noticed.
  • Include keywords like free delivery, On sale, and 100% genuine to increase CTR. Higher the CTR, higher are is the Ecommerce SEO
  • All product pages must have at least 1000 words of content with at least 4-5 times the repetition of keywords. This helps you get a rank in Google’s Search Results.

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