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Difference B/W Boost a Facebook Post and Run a Facebook Ad

It is no secret that with more than two billion active users, Facebook is the most popular Social Media Channel in the world. To reach your potential audience instantly, investing in Facebook Advertising can work as one of the best options for brands and businesses worldwide. Advertising on Facebook is quite cost-effective as compared to Google Ad Words. Even with a limited budget one can set-up and run a campaign on Facebook and when that budget is exhausted your campaign automatically stops.

Difference between Boost a Facebook Post and Run a Facebook Ad


Here in this blog, we will learn about the major difference between Facebook newsfeed advertising and Facebook Boosted Posts.

Facebook Newsfeed Advertising

The newsfeed is an excellent feature by Facebook that is consistently updating posts and stories of your home page. It basically displays a wide variety of content from people with whom the user is connected.  The algorithm of Facebook works in a certain way that when someone becomes your follower by liking your page, then that person can see your content on their Facebook page as well.

So, Facebook newsfeed advertising is nothing but ads that are reflected in the newsfeed along with several other contents that are being delivered to your connections.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Facebook boosted posts are paid ads that appear in your newsfeed.  The prime benefit of the paid ad is that it will reach a wider audience, drive traffic and can even boost sales.

To boost a particular post, Facebook gives you various options like choosing your audience, budget, the duration for which you want to run the ad and finally you have to select the payment method.

Major Differences

The major differentiating factor between the two is that the Facebook newsfeed ad provides users with lots of flexibility in terms of appearance, description, and URL. The other major difference is that once published you can’t edit the sponsored post.

Everything actually depends on the goal of the user for a particular ad. Your goal can vary according to your business objectives such as lead generation, brand awareness, website traffic and much more. So, the first step is to determine your goal and then decide which ad format will work best to get your message across.

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