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Instagram is a huge social media platform with an active user count of approximately 1 billion. The count is big enough to prove that Instagram holds an endless potential for user activities. It offers wide horizons for those who want to promote their business and sometimes acts as a better promotional platform than Facebook and Twitter.

grow your instagram followers


Despite what Instagram has to offer, the question still remains as of "HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWING FOR IMPROVED BRAND AWARENESS?”

Generally, people tend to think that if they are not a celebrity already, it is very tough to build a solid online presence. This may hold true sometimes, but this is not the case always.

Considering the popularity of Instagram, you should not let go the opportunity of promoting your brand over this platform. So, if you are seeking help to grow your Instagram following, then you have landed in the right place. Keep reading this article and at the end of it you will have some effective ideas on an improved following on Instagram and of course increased sale.


  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most important ingredient of your post. While a caption tells the story or motive or inspiration behind the picture, Hashtags are important for bringing up your post in other people's news feed. Suppose you are a travel blogger then you should use common Hashtags like: #travel, #traveller, #travelforlife, #explore, #travelgram etc. Now, you might be wondering how using Hashtags will enhance your popularity. A number of times when people are using the same Hashtags, your post might appear and thus can lead users to your Instagram account.

Secondly, there is an option for following Hashtags too. So, as you use the hashtag in your post, it will appear in the newsfeed of people who are following that specific hashtag.

Always go for post-relevant hashtags. There is no restriction on the number of hashtags to be used. You can even use 7-12 hashtags with each post. It totally depends on your wish. Using these many hashtags may not always promise a large traffic to your account, but the ones who do find you will be more targeted.


  1. Best time to post on Instagram

Now you must be thinking that it is foolish of us to say that there is a best time to post. But, yes there is a certain timing during which you can reach your targeted audience a lot more than other timings. Different type of audience is active at different timings. But, Instagram users are more active at night and at weekends. So, you should try and post after working hours because that is when people are relaxed and they will pay attention to what your brand is trying to convey.

Be consistent with your posting behavior. Once you have engaged the targeted audience with your post, they are going to look out for your posts almost every day.


  1. Follow your targeted audience

Once you find the audience of your niche, follow them and the probability of them following you back is high. Do not just follow, but also comment on their pictures. Relate your comment on their post to your brand.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, then comment on their dressing sense and recommend them to visit your account for more fun clothing items.

Be an active user and give their posts likes and comments, because you know what they say “In the sight in the mind.”


  1. Make your posts echo with the vibe of your brand

Most of the famous brands pay special attention to their Instagram wall posts. The same way if your brand has any specific motive then it should reflect in your posts too. Influencers too have a certain theme for their wall. Try putting a nice caption with each picture, it helps in binding the audience with your brand.


  1. What should you post?

Pictures do all the magic. They attract the traffic. Do not just post randomly. If you are posting the picture of your product then make sure the photos are not blurred. If you can, then hire a professional photographer because visuals always tend to leave a strong impression over the mind.

Next, if your customer tags you in their post which showcases the products, then do repost it. This way you are making the customer happier.

There are a lot more strategies like:

  1. Post pictures which have a nice background.
  2. A picture with light colors attracts people rather than one with dark colors.
  3. Make sure the photos’ alignments are right.
  4. For brand promotion, you can make interactive posts using tools like canva. Very easy to use and has a variety of options.


  1. Optimize your profile.

Optimizing your profile is very important as it can have a significant impact on how many people go through your brand page.

Some of the best tips are:

  • Use your company’s logo as your profile picture.
  • In the “Bio” section, write about your brand or you may write about your company’s motive too. Make use of hashtags.
  • In the website section, leave a link to your website if you have any.
  • If you have any physical location, write about them too.
  • Use your bio to concentrate especially upon your brand so as to attract users to go through your Instagram page.


  1. Hire a professional

When we say professionals, we mean social media marketing experts. The job of these people is to help you grow your business over social media platforms. They help you gain more followers, make interactive posts and come up with relevant captions. Therefore if you face trouble driving traffic to your Instagram page, then you can always seek help from professionals.


  1. Frequency of posts

 Union Metrics did a research over how often to post on Instagram. By monitoring 55 brands on Instagram, they came to a conclusion that most of the brands post 1.5 times a day on an average.

Also, they found that posting too often did not result in decreased traffic. They wrote,” Our initial assumption about those high-frequency posters was that the more often brand posts, the lower their engagement rates would be on the subsequent posts. But that does not seem to be true. So far, we haven't seen any relationship between the amount of content a brand posts each day and the engagement rates those posts receive, and definitely not a negative one."

So keep posting as frequently as you want. If at some point you feel like there is some drop in the traffic than average, then scale down your frequency.

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