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create a wikipedia page for your company



When I first thought of creating my Wikipedia page, I simply had no clue about how and what would be required to design a page. And it’s not that hard as you might think off. One of the most important reasons behind adding a page at Wikipedia is that it’s a living, breathing encyclopedia where anyone can add their own pages, articles, and knowledge.

Now the first question which come to mind is whether you should create a Wikipedia page or not?

Yes, if you have an industry changing technology or if you have invented something or if your company is in to something which is not there on Wikipedia then you must start the creation of your page immediately.


Steps to create your page at Wikipedia

The steps mentioned below explain in detail about how you can create your Wikipedia page quickly enough.

  1. Do a complete research first.

Try reading and researching about how the Wikipedia community works. How people post their pages, how the system works and how it can benefit your company. Understanding the ins and outs of Wikipedia would ensure that your page is not deleted after you have submitted for review.


  1. Start creating your account

Register your account to start creating your page at Wikipedia. Creating an account is easy and fast at Wikipedia and avoid using fake names or email addresses.


  1. Start taking small steps

Don’t rush while creating your page. Start with small editing of the available pages which you have liked or you know about. Smartly edit them and go one step at a time. By making these small changes to existing pages you would get time to familiarize yourself with the Wikipedia system. This would also ensure you in making your profile live and working.


  1. Gather the inputs

Start gathering your page inputs, the content and images which you would be posting on your page. Sources which you use inside your page are tremendously important on Wikipedia. Wikipedia will not approve your page based upon your experience or your story. It seriously needs more inputs then that like magazines, articles, website links, videos which support the information which you plan to post on your page.


  1. Start writing the content

Now once the sources are ready, the time to start writing your content begins...

Start writing and posting to Wikipedia. Write a complete draft in word and go through it again and again to improve and enhance the quality of the words which you are going to post. Formatting your page using the Wiki Code will take off a little bit of your time.


  1. The final step, Submit your page.

Once you are done with writing and your page is error free, It’s the time to post it for review. The review process could take up a few days or might take up a few weeks as well to get response from Wikipedia.


So there you are, as soon as Wikipedia approves your page, Its live and ready for other editors as well to edit and re-post it again. Do share your Wikipedia experience in the comments below so that I get to know about how successful you were in posting your page at Wikipedia.