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Learn What to Post on Instagram and What Your Consumers Want to See

Google’s search data shows that more than 3,000 people search [what to post on Instagram] every month. With the increase of social media platforms, people have quenched for a platform where they can showcase their fashion and lifestyle, and a platform emerged to satisfy their needs i.e. Instagram.

We have seen over time that social media has proven itself to be worthy of making a small business to get to a higher level. We have looked at how social media strategies can grow your business and have also discussed specific social media tips for small business owners. 

Before jumping into answering the query what to post on Instagram, we need to look at what exactly makes Instagram the social media powerhouse it is today and why small business owners need to take note and enhance their presence here.


instagram post ideas for business


According to Statista, a user spends close to 3 minutes on Instagram per session compared to 1.5 minutes on Facebook. And if this piece of data showing the average amount of time spent on the platform isn’t proof enough, its $1 billion acquisition by Facebook in 2012 should encourage you of its rising popularity among younger audiences.

Let’s understand what to post on Instagram that is attention-grabbing while making your brand’s content resonate with the users.

  • Photos & Videos Which Have a Certain Standard of Quality

    It’s all about the creative presentation of your brand and how appealing your content is to your customers and the consistency in posting the images in order to engage your target audience. If you are maintaining high quality in every image and video that you post on Instagram, your posts will have an enormous reach.

  • Show Your Creative Side

    You don’t want to get to the direct point of selling with your customers on Instagram. If you get your followers to follow your brand’s journey, your Instagram followers will become your customers in no time. Looking at some recent statistics, almost 50% of Instagram users conduct product research on social media and a user’s brand engagement is 10 times more than that on any other social media channel. You simply tag your popular products in an image and users can tap the image to see more details about the product. Tapping that information will then take them to your website, all while still within the Instagram interface, and allow them to make a purchase.

  • Customer is Always Right

    Customer is king, we all have heard that and to lure the king towards your product, you have to post around the products that are liked by kings. Post about the customer’s favorite season, flavors, childhood memory, etc. to get their attention. Just after doing simple research about your ideal targeted audience, you’ll get to know what you should post on Instagram that is liked by your audience.

  • Tutorials and Demonstration

    Who doesn’t love DIYs? These are a great way to grab the attention of the audience and share the data about your products.

  • Go with the Flow

    Always stay with the trend and post according to the latest trend on social media. From fidget spinners to Pokémon Go suits. We have found it interesting how a brand’s Instagram posts featuring the latest trends that people relate to can increase engagement on posts. Instagram is still a safe haven for businesses that do not want to pay to be seen much like the other big players.

Now with all these points, you have an idea that how you should post on Instagram to increase your business. Using the above methods will give your brand and content strategy the necessary boost to achieve greater results. Our team at CorpZone Services is always willing to discuss the future of your business on Instagram. Take the time to talk to us and learn how our social media marketing company can help your brand grow in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Hope this blog provides you detailed insight about Instagram posting and consumer preference. CorpZone Services is a top-notch Social media agency in Noida. We can help you increase brand awareness, enhance the web visibility and drive traffic on all social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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