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The Impact of Social Media on Human Behaviour and the Society

social media impact on human behavior and society

Social Media is redefining the communication industry and the ways of communicating and expressing with others. The utilization is expanding gradually in a manner that it is infusing an articulation into their behaviour. Social networking like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest and more have reshaped the industrialization into digitalization and re-imagined the way of conveying and expressing through Social Media Marketing.

Social media plays an integral role in an individual’s life. These platforms are now used by businesses, government and individuals for Social Media Marketing to engage with mass people and deliver the information at a time since it provides a global platform to share your views and express.

Nowadays, Social Media is governing our behaviour and social conduct as well. It has changed the power of thinking. Let’s check out its impact on society and human behaviour.

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Society and Human Behaviour

  • A global platform to express your views and thoughts and share information to a large group of people conveniently.
  • It provides a medium of instant communication with family and friends which automatically share information.
  • Social Media Marketing is cost-effective and used as a branding tool.
  • It has created new opportunities for learning and job creation.
  • Even the government of various countries are leveraging social media to engage with citizens and to gain their support, suggestions, and views on political affairs.

impact of social media on society

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Society and Human Behaviour & Society

  • Face-to-Face interactions have been lessening in the lives of people which are necessary for personality development and acquiring social skills and communication skills.
  • Comparative nature has been established between the lives of each other.
  • People lead their selves by depression and self-esteem issues if their current circumstances are not good.
  • Cyber bullying and Cyber Abuse is an illegal act which is associated with social media and done by anonymous users online.
  • The rumours and negativity have increased the instance of violence in society.

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